It gave so much more room to express my strengths and it made my little inner fearful voice more and more silent. By facing these situations instead of trying to avoid them, I gradually became more confident in myself. It was this little phrase that pushed me to leave a job in which I was not fulfilled and to completely accept the creative and sensitive part of my personality. By creating La Chambre Boudoir, I wanted, in my own way, to give back. To create a bubble of kindness in which you can experience the powerful feeling of self-confidence.

Hi, I'm Josée. I'm a boudoir photographer living in Quebec City. A few years ago, I read a quote that said: « Great things never come from comfort zones ». Every morning, while brushing my teeth, I would read this sentence that I had framed in my bathroom. And when a situation pushed me out of my comfort zone, instead of listening to my fears as I usually would, I tried to accept the uncertainty and realized that it always allowed me to be more me, more in tune with who I deeply was/am. 


This is an opportunity to express who you are with sincerity, without the fear of being judged.



I don't believe in thirty-minute mini sessions! It's impossible to feel confident in your underwear in front of a stranger in such a short time!

patience & confidence


Creating while having fun is my motto. My boyfriend calls me the Golden, as in Golden Retriever... You know, the kind that is always happy to see you ;)

Pleasure & Joy


I want to prove to you that you don't need a total makeover, master contouring or lose twenty pounds to feel beautiful.

Natural beauty


I like to photograph women. Imperfect women. Sensitive women. Uncertain women. Strong women. Women in love. Women who doubt. Women who dare.  

I want to capture your natural beauty and sensuality and immortalize that precise second, that moment when you feel so strong and so vulnerable at the same time.

That's true beauty in my opinion.



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